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Spatial-Temporal Variation and Abrupt Analysis of Evapotranspiration over the Yellow River Source Region
Simulation and Evaluation of Statistical Downscaling of Regional Daily Precipitation over Yangtze-Huaihe River Basin Based on Self-Organizing Maps
Daily Maximum Height of Atmospheric Boundary Layer in Beijing: Climatology and Environmental Meaning
Evaluation and Projection of the Climatic Characteristics of Aleutian Low Based on CMIP5 Models
Horizontal and Vertical Distributions of Clouds of Different Types Based on CloudSat-CALIPSO Data
Study on the Ensemble Mean Method in Reducing the Numerical Error in Chaotic Dynamical System
Statistical Downscaling of Monthly Mean Temperature for Kazakhstan Using Ridge Regression
The Relationship between the Ural Blocking in Boreal Winter and the East Asian Winter Monsoon
Characteristics of Seasonal Variations of Energy and Water Cycles over the Complex Underlying Surface of the Tibetan Plateau
Cluster Analysis of the Circulation Situation Occurring during Fog and Haze Weather in North China
A Quality Control Algorithm for Surface Temperature Observations Based on Improved Kriging Method