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Influence of Tidal Forcing on North Atlantic Simulation in a Coupled Climate Model
A Study on the Blue Rainstorm Warning Index Based on Characteristics of Short-Period Heavy Rainfall in Beijing
Impact of the Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly in the Eastern North Pacific on Interannual Variations of Winter Temperature in Northern China
Extracting the Driving Force Signal from Two-dimensional Non-stationary System Based on Slow Feature Analysis
Characteristics of Tropical Cyclone-Induced Low-Level Wind Fields over Hainan
The Effect of Tibetan Plateau Monsoon on the Climate in the Arid Area of Northwest China
Comparison of Intraseasonal Variation of the East Asian Summer Monsoon between El Niño Developing Years and La Niña Years
Evaluation of the Satellite Remote Sensing Surface Turbulent Heat Flux Data over the South China Sea
Impact of the East-West Phase of South Asia High on Water Vapor Distribution near Tropopause over the Asian Monsoon Region
Spatial-Temporal Distribution and Variation of Land Surface Albedo over the Tibetan Plateau during 2000-2016
A Study on Hydrometeor Classification and Application Based on X-band Dual-polarization Radar Measurements