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Characteristics of the Extreme Low Temperature Events in China during Boreal Winter and Its Relationship to East Asian Winter Monsoon
Comparison of Cloud Vertical Structure Retrieved from Radiosonde and Millimeter Wave Cloud Radar
Simulation and Uncertainty of Active Layer Thickness of Permafrost by Land Surface Model CAS-LSM under Different Atmospheric Forcing Data
Construction Method for Regionally Average Precipitation Time Series in China
Impact of Cumulus Parameterization Schemes with Multigrid Nesting on the High-Resolution Simulation of an Extreme Heavy Rainfall Event in Chongming, Shanghai
Numerical Simulation of the Impact of Land Use/Cover Change on Land Surface Process in China from 2001 to 2010
Simulation of the Impacts of Different Cooling Roofs on the Thermal Environment of Urban Blocks
Research on the Interannual Variation Characteristics of the Causal Relationship between the Northern Hemisphere Annular Mode and Northeast Asia Winter Surface Air Temperature Based on Convergent Cross Mapping Method
Application of Best-Subsets Multiple Linear Regression Models in Forecasting the Gale-Force Wind Radii of Tropical Cyclones