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Decadal Variation of Boreal Summer 30–60-day Intraseasonal Oscillation and Its Influence on Precipitation and Temperature over Eastern China
Vegetation Changes and Their Relationship with Climate Factors in Different Dry/Wet Areas over China
Differences of the Low Level Easterly Jet over Tarim in Rainstorm and Non-Rainstorm Processes in Southern Xinjiang
Objective Identification and Analysis of Warm-Sector Rainstorm with Warm-Shear Pattern over Yangtze–Huaihe River Region
Barotropic Instability of Geostrophic Flow: The Problem Revisited
Cosine Analysis Constraint Scheme Based on ETKF Initial Perturbations in the GRAPES Regional Ensemble Prediction System
Analysis of Attractor Behavior and Predictability in a Coupled Lorenz Model
Comprehensive Observation of the Cloud Macro- and Microstructures of a Rare Aircraft Icing Case in Henan Province
Effect of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Air Quality in Kunshan, Eastern China
Case Study of the Influence of Cloud Droplet Spectral Dispersion on Cloud and Precipitation Simulations under Different Pollution Backgrounds
Evolution Characteristics and Role of Precipitation Cloud Systems in the Size Change Process of Tropical Cyclones over the Western North Pacific
A Case Study on Summer Precipitation Process in the Central Tianshan Area Using Multi-radar Observation and Model Simulation
Air Vertical Motion and Raindrop Size Distribution Retrieval Algorithm Based on Reflectivity Spectral Density Data and Dual-Wavelength Ratio Constraint with Ka/Ku Dual-Wavelength Cloud Radar and Its Preliminary Applications
Frontogenetic Analyses of the Topographic Frontal Rainstorm in Xinjiang
Interdecadal Variations of Winter Precipitation over the Three River Source Region in China and Associated Physical Mechanisms
Effect of Cumulus Parameterization Schemes on the High-Resolution Numerical Simulation of Heavy Meiyu Front Rainfall Events
Three-Dimensional Wind Field Retrieval by Combining Measurements from Imager and Hyperspectral Infrared Sounder Onboard the Same Geostationary Platform
Case Study of the Coupling Mechanism of High- and Low-Level Jets of the Rainstorm Process in West China
Statistical Characteristics of the Northeast China Cold Vortex and Its Impact on Precipitation Distribution from 2000 to 2019
Multi-scale Features and Impact Factors of Winter Persistent Cold Events in Fujian Province
Numerical Simulation of the Effects of Sulfate and Black Carbon Aerosols on the Onset of the South China Sea Summer Monsoon
Feature Extraction and Analysis of Atmospheric Turbulence Based on New Round-Trip Radiosonde
Progress in Climatological Research on the Southwest China Vortex
Impacts of the Dabie Mountains on a Mesoscale Convective System that Occurred in the Background of the Northeast Cold Vortex