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Online first articles have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes/issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
Impacts of Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation on the East Asian Climate: A Review
Research Progress on the Influence of the Interdecadal Transition for Interannual Variability of Spring Snow over the Tibetan Plateau on the East Asian Summer Monsoon
The patterns of carbon and water exchange process over different types of ecosystems in the southeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau
Review on Development and Application of CNMM-DNDC—A Three-Dimensional, High-Resolution, and Process-Oriented Terrestrial Hydro-Biogeochemical Model
A Comparative Study on the Contributions of Interdecadal SST Variability over the Pacific and North Atlantic Ocean to Regional and Seasonal Trends of Antarctic Sea Ice from 1979 to 2014
Waveguide teleconnections in boreal summer: Progress and perspective
Multi-scale effects of Tibetan Plateau-Indian Ocean thermal contrast on South Asian monsoon activity
Analysis on Variation Mechanism of Low-level Jet During an Extreme Rainstorm
Recent Progresses in the study on Arctic-midlatitude connection and its association with Arctic sea ice loss
Hybrid downscaling models for real-time predictions of summer precipitation in China on monthly–seasonal scale
Review of High Resolution Climate System Model Development and Application
Performance analysis of Precipitation Forecast by the baseline version of GRIST Global 0.125-degree weather model configuration
Interpretation of physicochemical processes of typical ozone pollution in a suburb of Beijing
Quantitative study of atmospheric oxidation capacity
Research on extreme climate in middle and high latitudes of Asia -- Brief introduction to the content and progress of major projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation
In Memory of Our Mentor—Academician Ye Duzheng—Overview of His Academic Achievements and Serious and Careful Spirit of Scholarship
Seasonal variation and temporal-spatial scale dependence of air-sea relationship
Progress in the Study of Impacts of the tropical air-sea interactions on the East Asian Summer monsoonCHEN Wen1, 2, YU Tiantian2, FENG Juan2, CHEN Shangfeng2, PIAO jinling2
Progress on the evolutionary characteristics and climatic causes of warming and marine heatwaves in the coastal China seas
Typical case study of Impact of a typical Eastward-Propagating Mesoscale Convective System over the Second-Step terrain on its downstream rainfall
An Introduction to Tropical Waves
Spatial and Temporal Distribution Characteristics of Convective Clouds and Heavy Rainfall in Mountainous Areas of Southwest Sichuan
Interdecadal variation of NDVI response to climate warming and humidification in Qinghai Plateau during the growing season
Characteristics of Aerosol Size Distribution and Cloud Condensation Nuclei Activation During the Summer in The Mountain Tianshans
Long-term ground based remote sensing of aerosol optical properties in Beijing
1991-2020 China Surface Meteorological Radiation Climate Normals
Evaluation of CMIP6 models in simulating the sensitivity of LAI to temperature and precipitation change over China
Potential Stability Feature and Topographic Sensitivity Simulation for a Rainstorm over Southern Slope of the Tianshan Mountains in China
Numerical simulation of a hailstorm in Guiyang and study on the microphysical mechanisms of hail formation

Mosaicking Hybrid-tilt Radar Reflectivities from S- or C-band Weather Radars and X-band Weather Radars

Comparative study on the influence of different NWP model background on the 100-meter integrated temperature and wind forecasts in complex terrain
The Influence of Turbulent Diffusion Driven by Fog-Top Radiative Cooling on Heavy Fog in North China Plain
Study on cloud microphysical process and mobile propagation mechanism of a single dry downburst
Long-term variation characteristics of planetary boundary layer height and their influencing factors in Fuyang, China
Research on the Technology of Realizing OTS Correction Method for Numerical Model Precipitation Forecast
A new objective identification method of the southwest vortex based on reanalysis grid data and its effect evaluation
The critical role of spring soil temperature in predicting interannual variability of midsummer precipitation over northeastern China
Improvement of precipitation spatial structure prediction based on multi-model ensemble forecasting technology
Simulation and Diagnosis of the Physical Process for the Heavy Rainfall Case in Mianning on 26 June 2020
Anthropogenic radiative forcing accelerated snow ablation in the eastern Tibetan Plateau in recent winter and spring
Analysis of vertical characteristics of a transitional snow event based on weather radars in Fujian
Extreme Precipitation in the South China Sea and Surrounding Areas: Observation and Projection
Understanding the Influence of Background Mean-state Field on ENSO Tropical and Extratropical Teleconnection from An Energetic Perspective
A classification of stratospheric final warming and its mechanism considering the lower mesosphere
Analysis of the Influence of Different Resolutions and Cloud Microphysical Schemes on a Rainstorm Process in Sichuan Basin
Simulation of regional meteorological elements and rainstorms in China by two resolution Global Forecast System
Atmospheric Electricity Research in China: A Review
Characteristics of Cold Vortexes in Northeast Asia and their Impact on Precipitation Distribution of Warm Seasons over Northeast China
Evaluation of the precipitation forecast performance of CMA-MESO in Sichuan Basin and the surrounding areas in the summer of 2020
The Profiles of Effective Particle Radius over the Tropics and Subtropics in Boreal Summer
Fig.2.synthetic entire atmosphere precipitable water (unit: kg m-2). (a) w-a, (b)w-n, (c)w-s. Where, the gray shade represents the surface pressure(unit:hPa).
Convective-scale Ensemble Forecast Experiment of Extreme Rainfall Intensity for “7·20” Severe Torrential Rain in Zhengzhou
Application of scale-aware gravity wave drag scheme in high resolution numerical weather prediction
Assessment of Simulation Capability and Projection of Drought over China Based on CMIP6 Global Climate Models
Study on Expressway Pavement icing prediction model considering terrain difference
An Experimental Study Using Numerical Methods to Examine the Impact of Moisture on Extreme Precipitation in the Arid Zone of South Xinjiang
Study of the Forecast Sensitivity to New Round-trip Flat Drift Sounding Observations in the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River
Dominant Modes of Interannual Variation of China Summer Extremely High Temperature Days and Associated Mechanisms
Classification of rain types based on raindrop size distribution retrieval from C-band dual-polarization radar
Simulation Study on the Effect of Updraft on the Complexity of Charge Structures in Thunderstorm Clouds
Statistical analysis of microphysical characteristics and their relationship with visibility in Southern coast of Fujian
Long-term Variability and Causes of Tropospheric Polar Vortex over Northern Hemisphere in Winter
The development of a homogenized in-situ daily and monthly precipitation dataset over China in last 120 years (1900-2022)
Spatiotemporal Distribution and Duration Characteristics of Minute-Scale Extreme Precipitation during Flood Season in Guangdong
Simulating land and atmosphere exchange processes over a mountainous forest in Huainan using CLM4.5
A Simulation Study on the Impact of a Deep Convection on STE over the Tibetan Plateau
Statistical characteristics and the interdecadal variation of tropical cyclones in the North Indian Ocean
Changes in Starting Dates of Spring and Its Early Signals in Northeast China
Forecast Evaluation of Short-term Heavy Precipitation from Operational Models by Fractions Skill Score Method Based on the Cumulative Climatological Probability
The long term variation characteristics of Ultraviolet radiation in Beijing base on in situ measured data
Trends of East Asian summer monsoon and rainy season in China and their possible impact factors under global warming
The decadal change of interannual relationship between Victoria Mode in the North Pacific (VM) and autumn precipitation in the Maritime Continent
Diagnostic Research on Heavy Rain Growth in Shandong Province Influenced by Landing Typhoon Lekima due to the Coupling of Upper and Low Level Jet Streams
Influence of radar data cycling assimilation on thunderstorm gale simulation in nantong at 4.30
Comparison between Multi-Physics and Stochastic Approaches for the 18th October 2021 Typhoon
Observation and numerical simulation on a sea fog event under the background of an extratropical cyclone entering sea
Numerical simulation and study on the microphysical mechanism of hail formation in Beijing
Analysis of microphysical mechanisms of torrential rainfall during the transitional process of Typhoon Maysak (2020)
The Triple-frequency Radar Simulation for Liquid Cloud Droplets
Numerical Simulation on the Impact of Subcloud Dry Layer on the Effect of Cloud Seeding for Rain Suppression
Analysis of Heavy Precipitation and Water Vapor Characteristics in Yunnan of Plateau Vortex Shear
Analysis of radar echo evolution characteristics of a severe convective storm artificial hail suppression operation
The characteristic of water vapor transportation and three dimensional atmospheric structure during a Persistent precipitation event in northern slope of middle Kunlun Mountains
A new method of fast refined interpolation for model forecast fields
Air mass budget at iso-moist-static-energy levels during the super long-lasting Meiyu in summer 2020
Numerical simulation study on the difference of microphysical characteristics between plain and mountainous areas during a heavy snowfall in Beijing during the 2022 Winter Olympic Games
The 10- to 30-day intraseasonal variation characteristics of spring snowmelt anomalies over Eurasia and abnormal circulation evolution analysis
Fusion Test of Wind Data from China-France Oceanography Satellite Scatterometer
Application of Aeolus Horizontal Line-of-sight Product Data Assimilation in Typhoon Forecast
MJO propagation speed simulated in CMIP6
Moisture sources and source regions’ contributions of the Northeast cold vortex rainstorm in June 2021
Observational analysis and numerical simulation of the Northeast cold vortex rainstorm physical processes in June 2021
Numerical simulation of the initation and discharge characteristics of lightning under the double-layer uniform pocket charge model
Effect of complex terrain on the wind speed profile
In-situ Study on Aerosol-Cloud Interaction in Upper Cloud Process over the Yangtze River Delta
The Impacts of assimilating FengYun-3C/MWHS-2 Observations under All-Sky Conditions on the Forecasts of Typhoon Maria
Prolonged Effects of the Madden-Julian Oscillation on the Persistent Rainfall over Eastern China during 2020 Summer
Simulation of 9.2 ka BP weak Asian summer monsoon event
Short-term sea surface temperature forecasts in the equatorial Pacific based on LSTM
Analysis of Surface Ozone Pollution in China Amid the Record Summertime Extreme Heat of 2022
Numerical simulation of the influence of dust aerosol on convective cloud precipitation in Xinjiang
Extended period circulation anomalies of the Persistent Extreme Cold Events in northern Xinjiang
Climatic characteristics and interannual variability of the South China Sea Summer Monsoon onset based on three reanalysis data
Characteristics of interdecadal variability of atmospheric aerosol pollution in the Twain-Hu Basin region in winter and spring and its association with north-south anti-phase modes of meridional winds in East Asia
Regionalization?of?the boundary-layer height and Its Dominant Influencing Factors in Summer Over China
Non-meteorological echoes identification method based on Bayesian classifier and echo physical characteristics using C-band radar and its performance
Characteristic of North Atlantic Horseshoe SSTA in Autumn and the Relationship with the Interannual Variation of Early Winter Temperature in China
Research and Prediction of Typical Stratospheric Sudden Warming Event in the Arctic in 2021
Characteristics of Atmospheric Heat Source and Cloud Amount over Yunnan before and after Summer Monsoon Rain Onset
Development and application of mid-summer precipitation prediction model over Haihe River Basin
Numerical Simulation of Convective-Stratiform Mixed Clouds Enhancement in Zhejiang Province Based on Ensemble Forecasting
Summer hot-dry stages in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in the past 136 years
Analysis on the characteristics of short-term extreme precipitation in China in recent 30 years
Comparative study on the high-resolution vertical distribution characteristics of meteorological elements and atmospheric pollutants in the boundary layer of sunny day and radiation fog events based on UAV observation
Study on regional extreme precipitation events over mainland of the South China during 1981-2020
The distribution and transport of upper tropospheric water vapor over the Tibetan Plateau area during the east?west oscillation of the South Asian high in summer
Responses of vegetation to climate change and human activities in arid and semi-arid areas of Northern China
Statistical characteristics of occurrence of blocking highs and their modulation on surface air temperature during anomalous stratospheric northern annular mode events
Objective Identification of the Tibetan Plateau Vortex Based on ERA-5 High Resolution Data
The Role of Air-sea Coupling in Simulating East Asian Summer Monsoon and responses to pre-winter El Ni?o - Based on FGOALS-g3
Evaluation of heavy rainfall numerical prediction based on subjective and objective circulation classification as well as method for object-based diagnostic evaluation ——method and its application over Northeast China during the warm season of 2019
Numerical Study on Convection Initiation Conditions and Predictability of A Warm-sector Rainstorm Lifting from Boundary Layer under Complex Terrain
Structure and mechanism analysis of the tornado at the periphery of typhoon Mangkhut
Relation of Atmospheric ISO at Mid-High-Latitude-Eurasia to the European Blocking Frequency and Their Co-effect on Extreme Hot Events during Boreal Summer
Spatiotemporal evolution characteristics and causes of short-duration heavy rainfall in the presummer rainy season over the Pearl River Delta region before and after the South China Sea summer monsoon onset in the past 20 years
Assessment of Cloud Base Height Product from ERA5 Reanalysis Using Ground-Based Observations
Aircraft Measurement on the Microphysical Properties of a Precipitating Stratiform Cloud Event in the Qilian Mountains of the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau
Influence of soil hydraulic parameters on global medium-range numerical weather forecast system
Improving the dynamic core of a pseudo-incompressible model in the η coordinate
Analysis on the Applicability of Different Precipitation Products and WRF-Hydro Model over the Source Region of the Yellow River
Application of Machine Learning in Clustering and Discriminant Analysis of Large-scale Circulation Patterns Favorable for Tropical Cyclogenesis over the Western North Pacific
Trends and possible causes of different levels of precipitation variations in China during 1961~2020
Seasonal prediction and Predictability of East Asian winter monsoon in German Climate Forecast System
Microstructure study of updraft zone of precipitation cloud system in North China based on aircraft observation
Humidity Sensitivity of retrieved temperature by microwave radiometer and the feedback on the topography of Liupan Mountain
Baroclinic Disturbances in Nonzonal Flow
A Diagnostic Study of Water Vapor Transport and Budget during wintertime snowstorm days over the different regions of Northern Xinjiang in 1979-2017
Projection of Rainfall erosivity changes in Northeast China using a high-resolution regional model
1991-2020 China Climate Normals
The impact of fraction vegetation coverage increase on temperature change in Liaoning Province
Discharge characteristics of upward negative precursors in positive triggered lightning
Influence of Typhoons in the Western Pacific on Summer Precipitation in the Eastern Part of Northwest China
A Study on the Effects of Vegetation on Dust Weather in Inner Mongolia
Improvement and Application of Time-height Profile Reconstruction Method with X-band Dual Polarization Radar Parameters
Spatial Instability of Barotropic Geostrophic Flow
Analysis of circulation characteristics and precipitation phase difference of an extreme freezing rain and snow weather in Southwest China
Analysis about the Formation Mechanism of Overshooting Convection during a Rainstorm in Sichuan Basin